Exhibidor de mostrador en impresión digital para cosméticos en punto de venta

How to improve your product display

One of the most complex decisions is how to exhibit a product, the decisions that are made will be decisive in the result of the level of sales. There are factors that influence a better display result at points of sale, these are some:

Where to put the display

The exhibition of a product must capture the attention and interest, this will make them see your brand with an attractive image, that is why, it must be taken into account where it is planned to be placed, why? Each store is different, its size, customer traffic, spaces, etc. So it is important to define the best place available to display  the product with a good place and ilumination.


How to place the products

A very important point is the placement of the products on the display, if different products of different presentations will be placed, make sure that the most expensive ones are not placed in the lowest position because they are out of reach of the consumer there. It is important that the products that are being promoted are placed at hand or eye level.

Display design

The last factor or tool that achieves good results in sales is cardboard displays, placing and designing them in the best way can be decisive at points of sale. It is important to see the design of the display so that its colors, size and structure are attractive to consumers.

We hope that these recommendations will ensure that the display of your products has a better impact at the points of sale.


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