Cajas de cartón corrugado

What kind of cardboard for packaging do you need?

A cardboard packaging is a protection to a product or object that will be transported and gives a aesthetic impact, they are economical and eco-friendly thanks to the fact that they are made of cardboard, this is formed with recycled paper or virgin fiber.

There are many packaging models that can be perfect according to the characteristics of certain products.

These are the types of cardboard for packaging:

Rigid cardboard:

Formed like a cardboard box, it serves to have impact resistance and hardness due to the characteristics of this type of cardboard. They are usually lined with printed paper. Luxury boxes and rigid boxes are usually made from this material, which are ideal for high-end products or high-level corporate gifts. Products such as jewelry and accessories, electronic devices, high-end confectionery, wines and spirits, etc.

Corrugated cardboard:

This cardboard is formed by two layers of smooth paper and a corrugated layer in the middle called flute, this structure allows the cardboard to have a great resistance to impacts. This cardboard can be corrugated, double corrugated or even triple corrugated, this will increase its resistance. Formed as a cardboard box, they are usually for rough use, you can find them in the shipping industry (Ecommerce), automotive, etc. This type of cardboard is the most common in all industries thanks to its low cost and easy to obtain.

Cardboard / caple / sulfated:

This type of cardboard is very thin and compact, although it has the quality of increasing or decreasing the weight according to the requirements you want. Formed as a cardboard box, it is usually for the food industry, cosmetics, etc.


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