La realidad virtual en los empaques. esta tecnología, que cuenta el “storytelling”, está siendo ya utilizada en mercados.

Virtual reality in packaging

We live in an era of digitization, that is why in recent years we have witnessed the digital transformations of products or services. A new trend is emerging, due to this digital transformation, in packaging, mixed virtual reality. This will completely revolutionize the market in a not too distant future, the consumer’s relationship with packaging will be very different from how we know it today.  Visual, story-telling and informative factors will be part of this new experience (Virtual reality on packaging).

New technologies threaten to be essential in the packaging industry, as a result, mixed virtual reality in different world markets is already a reality and it is here to stay, access to digital devices has facilitated the positioning of this technology since the range of consumers expands.

What is virtual mixed reality ?

Virtual mixed reality technology consists of superimposing digital elements on an object in a real physical environment using the camera of a digital device such as a smartphone or tablet. These electronic devices will “augment digital elements” in the product that is being focused, allowing the consumer to interact with the object, or in this case, the packaging.

The use of virtual mixed reality to show, interact and inform with the product brand is a very interesting idea and has not been exploited in Mexico. The virtual reality industry grows stronger every day in all sectors, for example, Pokémon go. This technology is not only innovative and creative, but it is an option that helps the environment, since it replaces prints and laminates in packaging, in addition, it is more economical.

augmented mixed virtual reality is growing exponentially, this technology is attracting many customers, it has a very great potential, for now, this technology, which has “storytelling”, is already being used in the wine and cosmetic markets.