Exhibidor de cartón de piso en impresión digital para punto de venta

Types of cardboard POS displays

There are many types of displays that help an organization’s brand to have added value and a method of attracting the attention of customers at points of sale, these displays are personalized to the requirements of the company, are made mainly of cardboard, eco friendly material and they are printed in high quality (digital or offset printing)

Here are the types of cardboard displays we offer:

Floor stand:

Exhibidor de piso en impresión digital para cosméticos en punto de venta

Floor displays are easy to assemble, can be multi-tiered to display products at different heights, and respond well to moisture.


Pallet displays, in addition to being very visual, have a very high load capacity for heavy products.

Counter display:

counter display

Counter displays are ideal for product display, make a buyer amazed and make the purchase decision faster, presentation today is vital to retain customers.

Hanging Type (Side-kick):


This type of display is normally located in department stores and they are very attractive to customers, they come in different sizes and are very inexpensive.



This type of merchandiser aims to reduce labor, allow product rotation, and is easy to move without damaging the merchandiser.

Dum bins:

exhibidor de carton

This type of display is perfect for presenting offers, discounts, sales, etc. These displays are in the form of containers so that they have a capacity to carry many products within it.

These are the most sought-after types of displays on the market, there are more types of structure, more characteristics and more processes that are part of the manufacture and design of these displays or pop materials.

The images presented are examples, if you want to personalize a cardboard display to your requirements, press the WhatsApp icon to receive customer service.