Estuche premium de cartón forrado con papeles de lujo

the packaging is part of the brand

The packaging of a product has the function of store, protect and facilitate transport, adapting to the size, weight and shape, it can be a cardboard box, a plastic container, metal or wooden packaging, etc.

Successful companies manage to give an intrinsic value to the packaging together with the product, they do not treat it as a simple package that protects their products and facilitates their transport, but rather becomes an integral part of the brand by becoming one with the product and achieving that the product itself is recognized by its packaging at a glance.

The art of packaging design

A clear example is what the Apple company achieved with the packaging of its products, specifically with the iPhone, Apple has been characterized by being recognized by its traditional logo of the bitten apple, this logo is presented on the boxes of its products that generates that consumers are interested before seeing the product itself.

Another example is Sony with its Play Station 5 cardboard box, with the development of an elegant and sober design, they make consumers have an experience and recognize what type of console is inside, wanting to buy the product.

The design of the packaging is a differentiator of being a successful product or not, is not an easy task, a strategy must be carried out to develop it, however, if it is achieved, you get customers loyal to your brand because they like the experience they have when they identify the packaging.