The importance of luxury packaging and bottle in spirits

Luxury boxes are not the only element of the product that can position the brand in the spirit’s market.  The design and structure of the bottle must achieve this positioning in the same way, ensuring the customer attention and making a positive experience.

The wine and spirits industry are changing the way we view the liquors and how are packed, nowadays spirits market pursue to have the same luxury packaging quality as fragrances, high end products, and electronics.


Value of premium boxes and bottles.


In the tequila industry, in recent years, its value is not only sought to be the content, but the luxury rigid box and bottle are also part of its value proposition. The trend in the last decade in the design of tequila bottles and packaging is for them to be premium, to have unique molds and accessories designed by artists and luxury rigid boxes with incredible presentations, unique designs that give a high end look and feel.

It is estimated that this premium market will grow between 10% – 18% in sales during the year 2022. The growth in demand for packages and containers for alcoholic beverages has caused companies in Mexico such as Grupo Vitro, Grupo Femsa, Cyecsa, etc. develop specialized premium products with the aim of creating an emblematic drink.

Customers are no longer just looking for the content of a good tequila, but rather, they are looking to buy products with exclusive designs that represent luxury.

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