Cajas de cartón corrugado

The history of cardboard

The most disruptive material of our era, cardboard, without this material today many companies might not exist, including us, it is not only perfect for packaging applications, manufacturing advertising elements for its malleability but also for its low cost.

Where does it come from?

It had its origins in Central Asia, China, the data dictate that it was during the Han dynasty, approximately in the 1st century, later it was exported to other regions where people began to give it a utility, which was converted into cardboard boxes.

In England is where the use of this material became extremely successful, in 1817, in this nation of Europe, the first cardboard boxes were manufactured, years later, in 1890, Robert Gair, would invent cardboard boxes as we know them. The interesting thing is that the cardboard was discovered by accident, Gair printing paper bags, an accident occurred, which caused the material to fold, this is how Gair discovered the production by folding and pasting  this material, with which they make the cardboard boxes as we know it.

This is how folding cardboard boxes were born, those boxes that normally come flat and that as needed can be assembled manually, this error gave way to the material known as corrugated cardboard, it was an absolute revolution regarding the packaging of everything type of products.

The practicality and resistance of this material allowed the creation of different types of cardboard, thus developing displays, furniture, banners, luxury cases, etc. Also remember the most important characteristic that cardboard has and is the fact that it is not only very durable, it also turned out to be recyclable, which made it the most ecological material par excellence after its cousin paper.