The best packaging options for a bottle of wine

Wine is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the United States and several European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, etc. In Mexico, in recent years, 80% of the production has been consumed within the country, since previously, that percentage was for export.

As a result of the digital revolution that we are experiencing, the world production and consumption of wine has increased year after year, only in Mexico, this industry invoiced around 550 million dollars per year. As a consequence of this growth in online sales, we must consider what are the best packaging options so that the bottle of wine reaches the end customer intact.

Wine containers are usually very fragile, which is why it is important to find the best protection for the bottle to reduce the risk of it being hit or broken.
In order to choose the best packaging for the bottle or bottles, the characteristics and conditions of the product must be considered, the storage and distribution process that it will undergo must be taken into account, thus making the best packaging decision and avoiding a loss.

There are several types of packaging for the protection of this product, on our page we can offer you the following:

Wooden packaging

Fabricación de cajas de madera con impresión en láser.

Wooden box for table wine, made of plywood with windows according to the bottles required. Digital printing or laser engraving. This type of packaging is very functional for products that have a long-distance logistics and distribution process.

corrugated cardboard packaging

Personalización de cajas de cartón corrugado sin impresión de fondo y tapa con ventanas para dos botellas de vinoCorrugated cardboard boxes, the structure can be according to your needs, it can be a cardboard box with a handle, bottom and lid, etc. If you are looking for cheap packaging that protects the product and has a short-distance logistics and distribution process, this is a very good option.

Rigid cardboard packaging

Estuche de lujo colapsable fabricados en México

Rigid box and lid for wines and spirits with foam inside the packaging for protection, collapsible box that does not lose its protective function and is easy to move anywhere. This packaging is the best option to have a brand image, an affordable price and product protection.

Aluminum packaging

estuche de lujo de alucobond para tequila

Aluminum panel deluxe box, can be silver, white, black and copper color, printing to color selection. This packaging is widely used in high-end products, they are resistant to shocks when the logistics and distribution process is carried out, and at the same time a brand image is achieved.