Producción en alto y bajo volumen de estuche de lujo con base y cover personalizado para botellas de tequila y otros licores en Guadalajara México

Rigid boxes are in fashion

“Packaging is receiving more attention than ever as society tries to achieve a more circular economy. The culture of manufacture, use, and disposal is gradually changing. ”-Phil Riebel, President, Two Sides North America, Inc

The rigid box luxury market is rising, it is expected that by 2026 it will become a global market that projects millions of dollars. North America, Japan, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, India etc., are areas where sales have grown exponentially.

Products are increasingly being demanded by consumers, they have the need to convey emotions in the packaging. The combination of sustainability, customization and status symbol is present in the luxury rigid boxes. These boxes have been an important element in the evolution of fine product packaging.

Are they recyclable?

Yes, rigid cardboard is made from paper leftovers that have already been used previously. Once the cardboard is no longer used, it will again be converted to paper or cardboard. Not only rigid cardboard is the only recyclable material of a luxury case or premium rigid box, the papers with which they are lined, have a percentage of recycled material.

Personalization has caused the high demand in luxury boxes, the development and design of these custom boxes together with the best quality standards have made these boxes are sought after by high-end markets.

The aim of these premium boxes or luxury boxess is to increase the value of the content. For example, we mentioned the luxury box of a tequila. These packages make the holder see that he belongs to a high level of status.

It is not only so that consumers have status, but the brand itself. Companies seek to put their products in packaging that demonstrates distinction and status.