empaques de cartón con hologramas

Packaging trends 2022

Trends in packaging have evolved over time, at the moment, products require a presentation that is sustainable, recyclable and aesthetic.

The requirements and needs of the market, today, entail an ethical policy and if they are not met, you are out of it. These trends look for these three presentation factors to be successful, below, we list the 3 most revolutionary trends.

1. Holographic packaging

empaques de cartón con hologramas

This trend is very attached to the fashion and cosmetics sector. They are a tool that is used in cardboard packaging that is very attractive to consumers, with this idea, an increase in brand visibility is achieved.

2. Products in sight

Ethical factors are increasingly demanded by consumers, that is why honesty must be present in packaging, packaging solutions that allow you to see the product before unpacking it, is a cause of this ethical trend.

3. Mixed virtual reality

Using virtual reality to show the brand of the product is a very interesting idea and it has not been exploited yet in Mexico. The use of virtual reality and related technologies is a business that is growing exponentially and this, in the use of cardboard packaging for any product, has a positive environmental impact, since the use of printing, laminating, etc. is reduced. processes that affect the environment in one way or another.