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Most used POP displays

corrugated boxes, luxury boxes, and POP displays, they are all part of the different marketing strategies that are used today to ensure that a brand, and therefore a product, reaches the consumer. However, today we are going to refer specifically to POP displays, let’s start by clarifying that POP is the acronym for “Point of Purchase”.

Cardboard, on the other hand, became the best material  for this type of displays because, due to its low cost, the quantity required can be manufactured without the final cost being disproportionate.


luxury boxes, POP displays, everything is part of a marketing strategy

In the case of POP displays we must distinguish two main types, floor stands and tcounter displays, the first are those that, as their name indicates, go directly on the floor and are high enough for the product to be available to the consumer at any point in the store and so he can purchase it. Normally this type of displays are used in areas where the space is wide and can be located from one to several to cover the main traffic points in the place.

On the other hand, counter displays are designed for smaller places where the product must be placed on a surface, such as what happens in neighborhood stores where there is not much space and the clerk has a showcase or table where everything is placed.


In conclusion, POP displays have the critical mission of  bringing the product closer to the consumer so that he feels attracted to it and without any other additional element that could divert attention, this element is a silent seller.