Most used materials for packaging 2022

cardboard packaging

Cardboard as a packaging material is the most used by industries. It is a recyclable and reusable material, it is friendly to the environment, it is also very economical compared to other materials. It can have various presentations such as Kraft wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard corners, etc.

Caja de cartón con refuerzos para protección del producto

Wooden packaging

This material is ideal for the protection of fragile products or large products that have a high monetary value. The use of wooden pallets and wooden boxes can be very useful for transporting large quantities in sea or air travel.

Caja de madera para botellas

plastic packaging

This material is very common due to its practicality and resistance, this material is widely used when it is required that no contaminants enter the product, this material is widely used in packaging for food products. The presentations can be plastic containers, for example, for water bottles and filling and protection packaging for household appliances.


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