cartón reciclado

Is recycled cardboard resistant?


The cardboard recycling process, today, is a very common process globally, when the cardboard has completed its first cycle of use it is possible to make it useful again. This is what we know as recycling.

Recycling cardboard is the industrial process with which we obtain the best way to benefit the environment and at the same time have a product that does not lose its properties of resistance, firmness and quality when passing this process. The products that use this recycled cardboard are normally boxes, displays, corners, rigid boxes, etc.

Venta de cajas de cartón corrugadas


Cardboard boxes, cardboard luxury box and cardboard displays made from recycled cardboard


When cardboard is processed for a second or third life cycle, it is built based on several layers and with different designs so that it has different uses and applications, which have the same versatility and resistance as the original product. In addition, another of the advantages obtained by recycling is that to reuse these products it is not necessary to invest too many resources such as water and other consumables such as oil and the CO2 emission in production is also reduced.

Recycled cardboard boxes are very durable and because they are made of several layers, their resistance to humidity is quite high, which is why it is the most demanded cardboard product by companies, so much so that they require it to directly pack their products and send them to distributors and clients.


Recycled cardboard is the ideal material for a variety of uses and thus allow the environment to be cared for and make this material have not one or two life cycles but up to five in most cases.

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