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Importance of packaging

Packaging is a very useful tool widely used throughout the world, it gives a satisfactory experience to the customer when unpacking the product, offering quality and durability.

Nowadays companies are recognized for their quality in the products and presentation of the packaging, their reputation depends on the state in which the product reaches the final customers, for them it is important that the packaging is resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

A good commercial image reflects the type of organization and values ​​of a company, so it is important to invest and make the right decisions when choosing the right packaging. When we talk about packaging, we are not only addressing large, international companies, etc., but rather any company that sells a product and requires packaging so that it arrives intact and safe at its destination.

To have a good packaging you must take into account certain factors such as:

  1. The weight of the product: knowing this factor will make it easier to choose what material the packaging should be so that the resistance is adequate and does not break due to the weight of the product.
  2. The shape and size of the product: this factor will allow knowing the correct measurements of the packaging so that the product does not move inside it, adjusting the measurement to facilitate transport
  3. The fragility of the product: This factor is very important, with knowing what the product is made of, we will know the need for protection in the packaging.

There are many types of packaging, but the most economical, resistant and recyclable is cardboard. Cardboard boxes can be adapted to the factors that we have just mentioned, that is why they are so attractive packaging in the market.

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