Comercialización y fabricación de cajas personalizadas para envíos  blanco kraft sin impresión con etiqueta en bajo y alto volumen en México

How to select your custom packaging

A good, personalized packaging must have the following characteristics:

1) Cost reduction:

Not always the best packaging is the most expensive, by customizing the packaging you make the cost according to your needs, if you want to get a lower cost, the use of labels is convenient, you can customize your logo on them, they are very easy to assemble and place the product, they serve in any type of packaging and they serve as a closure for the box.

caja de cartón

2) Environmentally friendly:

The material with which they are made is eco-friendly, here in Mexico, 70% of the boxes made of cardboard come from recycled materials. “The recycling of cardboard also offers a fundamental solution for the conservation of the environment by preserving natural resources due to its higher percentage of reuse in the production of new cardboard products”, information collected by planet

3) Useful for any type of product:

The box must help the product so that the transport does not damage its integrity, the box must be molded to the product and not the other way around. Each product has a specific weight and size, so a personalized packaging will always be essential for the product to reach the buyer’s hands in good condition.

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