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How are cardboard boxes made?

Everyone knows what a cardboard box is, cardboard is one of the most used materials worldwide since it offers great benefits such as the economic, ecological and social factor.

What not everyone knows is the production process of a cardboard box, in this article you can learn step by step the cardboard manufacturing process.

Before explaining step by step. To make the terms easier to understand, in the cardboard industry, the intermediate corrugated ondulated paper that is covered on both sides by two sheets of paper is called  flute, this structure is known as corrugated cardboard.

Knowing the components of the structure, the first step happens in the corrugating machine. Once the paper is manufactured, it goes through rollers where they preheat and fold the paper to give the sheet a wavy shape (flute).

The second step is known as gluing. When the paper is already corrugated, both sides are covered with sheets of Kraft paper, this happens using rollers and starch glue, where the faces are fixed with the corrugated paper.

The third step is known as stamping. Here the die cutting machine cuts the cardboard in the way the box is required, the die is a mold with blades and markers that allow the customization of the corrugated cardboard box. The die-cutter exerts pressure on the mold and the cardboard piece wil be cut in the shape of the box.

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The fifth step will be to glue the tabs of the box so that it is formed with the determined dimensions, the gluing can be administered manually or with machines. Some boxes may also have staples to reinforce the bond.

The last step is quality control, this is dedicated to verifying that the box is in excellent condition to be delivered to the customer.

Cardboard is a material that is and will continue to be a highly valued product on the world market.