container, package, and packaging

These concepts are commonly not clear, since they are used for similar sectors and this causes confusion, however, the definitions of each one are different and it is important to know how to differentiate them to know the elements that each one offers and to be clear about the need.
Here we leave you the definitions that will help you understand its meaning.


Container is considered to be the element that is in direct contact with the product, to protect and preserve it, facilitating its handling, transportation and storage. For example, in the case of a wine, it is the bottle that contains it.


It is a secondary packaging, the wrapping that protects it and is used for advertising purposes. For example, following the same, it would be the box that is shown in points of sale that contains the bottle of wine.

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It is the element that completes the global transport of the merchandise when moving it from one point to another. For example, it is the box, usually cardboard, that joins several packages to send them to their final destination.

In conclusion, these three concepts are distinguished according to their proximity to the product, the merchandise.