Choose the right colors for your packaging

Properties such as strength, material, dimension, weight, etc. are very important in the development of a package for any product, however, sometimes the aesthetic part is neglected by prioritizing the manifested properties. That is why the decoration of the colors in the printing of the packaging must be considered and the most appropriate must be chosen to obtain a good result.

Nowadays, it is important for brands to cause a good colorful sensation to stand out, the use of color psychology can create experiences in consumers benefiting the company. Normally, areas such as marketing and branding in industries, carry out studies to make decisions about the colors of the brand and how they affect it. Studies have found that up to 90% of the instantaneous prejudices made about packaging are based on color.

Do not worry if you do not have an expert or resources for the development of this colorful process, there are ways in which you can make aesthetic decisions, there are rules that were established to define which colors combine best with others, we leave you some examples so that you can give an idea


Combination of shades for your packaging


Shades of red and pink                                                                   Shades of brown, turquoise, gray and orange.



Shades of yellow, green and orange                                                                 Shades of green



Shades of blue with green                                                                   Shades of purple, blue and pink



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