cardboard toys

Cardboard toys, the perfect gift for a child

Why choose cardboard toys for children to have fun?

The way that children have fun and enjoy their childhood is increasingly transformed into a digital space where creativity, physical activity, dexterity and emotions are fading, compared to playing with real toys (materials), playing with These games are essential for their learning, the game “guarantees the possibility of absorbing new knowledge and skills.”

juguetes de cartón

That is why we recommend playing with cardboard toys, in addition to promoting solidarity with the environment, through these toys children learn to tolerate frustrations, respect rules, be empathetic, decisive, etc.

Cardboard toys such as houses, trucks, airplanes, castles, etc. They promote creativity since the possibilities of playing and coloring with them are many, they fulfill qualities that favor free play for children

The imagination of a child is essential, with cardboard toys they can create their own adventure painting and decorating, with cardboard toys they develop their creativity and imagination in an educational and didactic way.