Cardboard displays, the protagonist of POP materials

The creativity and innovation of the companies that have points of sales must be essential to understand the consumer. Companies need these qualities to maintain a relationship with customers.

The use of point of sales  is essential to communicate the benefits of the product and encourage customers to consume.

There are different POP materials such as floor graphics, banners, dividers, etc. but the ones that have the most impact in a retail store are the exhibitors/displays.

These exhibitors/displays are very common to find them in points of purchase as they help to consolidate the image of the product, an exhibitor supports the results of a company’s advertising effectiveness to be positive.

exhibidor de carton

The most sought after displays in the current market are cardboard displays, they are highly valued for being a bio-friendly material, being practical and inexpensive.

The companies that invest in permanent materials in the displays have higher expenses in pop materials and do not seek to generate different advertising campaigns, this causes consumers to look for new brands that do have transitions.

The durability of a cardboard display (3-6 months) allows you to carry out different campaigns so that the consumer sees the brand  attractive. These changes will make the brand easily adapt to new trends, new environments and customers.

Other positive aspects of a cardboard displays are its ease of handling, assembly and filling. Being made of cardboard, the placement of the display is simple and the risk of damaging it is minimal, the simplicity of assembly and filling causes a reduction in logistics costs, the same supplier provides the instructions so that the same brand can assemble them

Cardboard displays are a differentiator that adds value to products. They are a very powerful promotional tool that ensures consumer attention

counter display