Cardboard consumption in 2022

The year is just beginning and new challenges are yet to come, that is why it is always good to look and consider what has happened in order to see the future with a vision. These last years have been challenges for the paper industry, the economic crisis, the pandemic, the resource crisis, climatic changes, etc., however, the consumption of paper in packaging has not been seriously affected like other industries, since , the growth of online commerce, the search for sustainable materials and healthy eating habits have been beneficial factors for the paper industry to continue growing.

horizons for cardboard consumption

As you know, cardboard comes from paper, so the cardboard market depends on paper, so when one market grows or declines, normally the other will do the same. Some factors that have negatively caused crisis in the cardboard industry are some of the following:

Climate changes

Hoy en día, el calentamiento global es uno de los problemas mundiales más grandes, este ha causado cambios en todas las regiones del planeta, como nevadas en lugares cálidos, alta temperatura en lugares fríos, etc. Estos cambios han repercutido en la industria del papel y cartón, causando atrasos en la fabricación del papel, en consecuencia, atrasos en toda la cadena de suministro.

Today, global warming is one of the Earth biggest problems, it has caused changes in all regions of the planet, such as snowfall in hot places, high temperature in cold places, etc. These changes have affected the paper and cardboard industry, causing delays in the manufacture of paper, consequently, delays in the entire supply chain.

Shortage of raw materials

As a result of climate change and the pandemic, the supply chain of the paper and cardboard industry was affected, the high production and excess demand for paper-based products have saturated this comerce. Little by little it is stabilizing, but this world problem will last for a while.


Some of the factors that have positively caused the growth in cardboard consumption are some of the following:

User growth in online trading

The pandemic caused people not to leave their homes, so they began to consume from online commerce, since they would not have to physically go for the products, the products arrive at the door of their houses. This factor could be the most important, since it caused a growth in the consumption of cardboard in shipping packaging.


Increased healthy eating and environmental awareness

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people seek to eat from home so as not to have contact with possible people infected with the virus, so they eat at home, buy food, which comes in cardboard packaging such as fruits, vegetables, canned, etc. In addition, day by day, people are more aware of what could happen if we do not take care of the environment of our planet, so industries are looking for sustainable alternatives for their raw materials to help care for the earth. Cardboard has been the alternative of many materials.

As you can see, both negative and positive factors have been challenges that have arisen in recent years, however, the paper and cardboard industry has been able to respond to obstacles that appear.