Benefits of a Cardboard floor display

There are several competitive advantages that a cardboard floor display can offer when is placed in a point of purchase, such as department stores and expos. The implementation of this tool gives brand positioning, sales growth, the on-the-spot advertising featured on the display itself, quick purchased decision by the buyer, and environmental solutions.

Cardboard displays use the concept of visual merchandising to sell through the sight, achieving it through creativity and visual innovation, whose objective is for the buyer to take the product out of the furniture having an experience and finally make the decision to buy it.

Cardboard floor display


There are many types of cardboard displays that achieve these benefits, some are counter displays, Dum bins, sidekicks, pallet display, impulse strip, PDQ, etc. but the one that is better positioned in points of sale, managing to have the best performance, are floor displays.

Floor displays are easy to assemble and place, they have a high load-bearing capacity, because the cardboard material, they are affordable, versatile, approachable and help reduce damage to the environment, and are well responsive to moisture. Thanks to their remarkable presentation, they retain the customer and increase sales.

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