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Artificial intelligence in packaging

Artificial intelligence is not an issue that will happen in the future, it is already happening today, every day the industrial sectors are implementing this innovative process that generates immense added value against other competitors.

What is artificial intelligence?

In short, AI is the ability of a machine to learn by itself. It is a combination of algorithms with the purpose of creating machines that mimic the functions and capabilities of the human, so that these machines support the human being to be more efficient.

Artificial intelligence is being implemented in sectors around the world and the packaging industry is not far behind, the creation of algorithms helps lines improve the inspection of materials and monitor behavior in order to make necessary changes and adaptations.

Cobots, or robots, emerge in this trend of “machine learning”, as they adapt to working with personnel in the packaging sector without protective equipment. Some include vision systems that free the worker from stressful or difficult processes, allowing performance to be optimized and the quality of work performed improved.

These packaging solutions facilitate the traceability and consumer information tasks that are required in many sectors and can be done in a much more agile, reliable, scientific and inexpensive way. The control and monitoring of production, the identification of any step or product of the process, are guaranteed.

New packaging solutions and the arrival of artificial intelligence in the packaging industry will be a very positive reality. Its presence is taking shape in the implementation of collaborative technological teams that improve work and results. The advantages are obvious, and unstoppable.

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