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Corrugated dividers and cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes fulfill a very important function, to protect their content from the time it leaves the factory until it reaches the point of sale or its final destination, however, the box only protects the product from the hits and transport movements that occur on the outside of the box.

So what protects the products inside the box?

Inside the box, when it carries more than one product (many times the boxes carry more than one product), these have space to be able to move inside the box, that is why care must be taken that they do not hit each other since during transport they can suffer damage.

Let us think, for example, of what happens in a box that also contains boxes of juice or any other liquid or creamy product, the journey from the factory to the point of sale is not easy, there is a lot of movement and if the box moves, the products can collide with each other and squash out of shape, or worse, spill.


This is where the corrugated dividers come into the box to safeguard the products inside, they are cardboard sheets that divide the products inside the box so that they do not come into contact with each other and when in transit, they are fixed in one position reducing the risk of a knock, plus these dividers are recyclable and inexpensive.

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